Check out these sweet Quirky bold works by London based artist,

Marcus Oakley

b.Norfolk, England


Marcus Oakley London based illustrator/artist  I'm originally from Acle a village in Norfolk, My work as artist work has many influence's including my childhood in Norfolk, the wonderful harmonic and melodic music of the Beach Boys, the pastoral delights of the countryside and friendly and not so friendly animals that inhabit it.  Over the last few years my work has been related to the 1970's. I guess I am looking back at things I can remember and the innocence of it all. My interest is in things that I didn't really know about at the time or was to young to appreciate Such as Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album 'Rumours' or in general the aesthetic beauty of the decades architecture, fashion, graphics and typography.

Isle of Mull / Holiday Sketchbook  

These have a very David Hockney feel. 


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