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Lucienne Day
 b.Surrey, England 1917-2010

    Robin and Lucienne


Désirée Lucienne Day was a British textile designer.  Born in Coulsdon, Surrey, England, Day was daughter of an English mother and a Belgian father who worked as an insurance broker. She attended convent school in Worthing, and at 17 enrolled in the Croydon School of Art, where she discovered a love of printed textiles. Later she attended the Royal College of Art, where she was a top student. During her time at Royal College of Art she met her future Husband, modern furniture designer [Robin Day] they married in 1942 and were together their entire lives. 

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The originality of Lucienne’s early patterns grew from her love of modern art, particularly the paintings of Joan Miró and Paul Klee. She sought to create a similar energy and vitality in her patterns through dynamic, ebullient compositions, as in 1953’s Spectators and Perpetua, and bold colour contrasts, as in the 1956 Herb Antony. In 1957 Lucienne reflected: “In the very few years since the end of the war, a new style of furnishing fabrics has emerged…. I suppose the most noticeable thing about it has been the reduction in popularity of patterns based on floral motifs and the replacement of these by non-representational patterns – generally executed in clear bright colours, and inspired by the modern abstract school of painting he pioneered the use of bright, optimistic, abstract patterns in post-war England, and was eventually celebrated worldwide.

Day's work combined organic shapes with a bright sophisticated color palette. She believed that good design should be affordable, she was quoted by the Scotsman newspaper that she was always "very interested in modern painting although I didn’t particularly want to be a painter. I put my inspiration from painting into my textiles, partly, because I suppose I was very practical. I wanted the work I was doing to be seen by people and be used by people. They had been starved of interesting things for their homes in the war years, either textiles or furniture." 

Through her career, Lucienne Day won countless awards, including the International Design Award of the American Institute of Decorators in 1952, and the Gran Premio prize at the Milan Triennale in 1954. In 1962, she was made a Royal Designer for Industry (RDI), an award which honours designers who have achieved "sustained excellence in aesthetic and efficient design for industry." She was the fifth woman to be made an RDI.   During her career she originated hundreds of colourful abstract prints for industry clients. Day was a remarkable outstanding all-round designer, her exquisite textiles from the 1950s and 60s will be celebrated and remembered forever. 


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Lucienne Day


See these beautiful artist hand-made textiles, artworks, fashion and home decor* created by the magnificently talented British Duo of Susy Pilgrim waters and Keith Waters. PILGRIM WATERS is based in Boston & they are getting huge kudos from the design world, museum shops & boutiques alike.  Watch for their next trunk show near you* 
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& Check out these cashmere and merino scarfs***

We are passionate about functional art and design.  PilgrimWaters is based in Southie, Boston Massachusetts.  Susy Pilgrim Waters is well-known award winning illustrator and designer (wee cowgirl) and Keith Waters (pogo-stick wrangler) is a face animation expert.  Together we are now focusing on functional products and surface designs.

Susy's designs can be seen all around Boston - from Iggy's Bread of the World, Russo's Grocery, the Charles Hotel as well as huge banners at Newton North high school.  Further afield Susy had designed and illustrated a huge 260ft mural for the children's room of the New York City Public Library, Street banners on 6th Avenue, Pizza Hut UK and in the United Arab Emirates as well as smaller projects for Selvedge.  In the United States Susy has designed and illustrated for Crate & Barrel, Unicef, teNeus, Chronicle Books, Fast Company, Random House, Simon & Schusters, The New York Times, Travel and Leisure, American Airlines and Sterling Brands. Susy continues to work with many clients on a wide range of projects.

Keith is best known for his work in computer facial animation that includes a muscle-based model for facial animation, a physics based skin tissue simulation and a visual text-to-speech system called DECface. He is co-author of Computer Facial Animation describing state-of-the-art techniques in the field of computer graphics.  His algorithms for face animation have been widely used in the computer film industry, most notably Pixar who first used the technique in their animation short Tin Toy. Keith has always built things - from kayaks, gliders, tables, decks and concrete steps.  With Susy we renovated every aspect of our home over many years, which was featured on Design Sponge.

These WOOD-TRAYS are all hand made by Keith
& printed by SusY*

Susy Pilgrim met Keith Waters at art school in London (Middlesex University) and moved to the US in the early '88 where Susy began illustrating and has been at it ever since. Susy work has spanned many projects and Keith has always been in the background helping out. Together we have made groovy lamps, hand sewn hats (Boston Beanies), built panels for numerous paintings, screened printed fab clothes/dresses, constructed leather bags and built bread proofing trays (you'll have to look that one up).

With a passion for everyday functional objects - that are aesthetically eye catching, sophisticated and thoughtful - we are constantly in process with new ideas to delight the eye.  New products are just-around-the-corner so sign-up for our newsletter!  Susy & Keith


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you just saw the brilliant works of :