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Margaret Kilgallen

Check out the amazing exhibition right now at MOCA Cleveland:

Margaret Kilgallen: that’s where the beauty is.

 January 31, 2020  May 17, 2020

ABOUT : American artist 
Margaret Kilgallen(1967–2001) died at the young age of thirty-three, just as her work was gaining recognition and prominence. that’s where the beauty is.,brings to light the astonishing visual complexity of Kilgallen’s short career, highlighting the major themes that unify her multilayered practice. Kilgallen’s work brings front and center an aesthetic that reminds us we need not look only within the commercial mainstream or readily accessible narratives for inspiration and empowerment. Rather she celebrates the handmade, making heroes and heroines of those who live and work in the margins, and challenging traditional gender roles and hierarchies. Her work advocates for a quality of time, celebrating and emphasizing the impact that can come from hard work and individual expression. -MOCA Cleveland