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Casey Roberts
b. 1971
Indianapolis, IN


Casey Roberts: I was born in 71. I live and work in gorgeous Indianapolis. I went to the Herron School of Art and Design as a printmaking major. I’m pretty sure I always wanted to be an artist. I did flirt with the idea of racing cars. I remember when I went from just wanting to be an artist to knowing that is exactly what I was going to do forever, in late 1981 when I saw the Talking Heads video for “Once in a Lifetime”. It made an impression on me.

NA: The process you use is called cyanotype. Briefly describe the process and why/how you started using it.

CR: Well, cyanotype is an “alternative photographic process” going way back to around 1850. I paint with the light sensitive liquid solution, and after being exposed to sunlight and washed out with water it leaves a rich blue color. I can then use a baking soda or a mild bleach solution that lightens the original blue color to a yellow or green tone allowing me to draw back into it.

NA: Who/what have been some of your influences…and why?

 CR: I look at artists like Milton Avery, Philip Guston, and Jockum Nordstrum. T.L. Solien is really awesome, and a newer artist Paul Wackers is great. I love Bruce Naumans’ films, really inspiring. I like to walk around town. I also like to hike around the woods. I listen to a lot of music while I work and that inspires me.

NA: Where do you see your work taking you in the future?

CR: I will keep working hard, and getting better (smarter). I hope to show more often. To sell more work.
I think I would like representation. I’m sure I’ll keep using cyanotype in the future. I keep learning new ways to use the process. I’ll use it till I get bored with it. I have done different types of work, whatever is called for. I am headed into the foundry this spring to continue casting bronze and I still make the occasional print and drawings.
It would be great to stay in Indianapolis.



awesome works CASEY.