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Mirco Marchelli

b  1963   Italy

Mirco's work embodies the emotional presence of over 500 years of Italian renaissance. Harkening the essence and surface energy of fresco's from Gotto to Michelangelo. Yet, his compositions bring in a fresh new order, combining modern abstraction along with geometric cubistic pattering. 
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Mirco Marchelli was born in Novi Ligure in 1963 and lives and works in Ovada, in the province of Alessandria.  A multifaceted artist, Marchelli began working in the visual arts in the mid-nineties, maintaining continuity with his musical works.  The keys to interpretation of his work are memory and the fascination of everyday objects such as flagpoles, stools, little items of furniture, pieces of wood and fabric, books, accounting ledgers, registers, boxes and photographs, covering them all with a layer of wax that transfigures them and makes them timeless. Marchelli restores life and meaning to these materials, exploiting their resonances and the stories they express to tell something new; he does not simply evoke memories, but arouses vague suggestions inspiring a yearning for the past.


 The fact that the artist is also a composer (he played trumpet in Paolo Conte’s band for many years), or rather, the composer is also an artist, is no matter of chance or accident of circumstance, but the key to the very unusual world he has constructed over all these years.  To borrow from the language of music criticism, we might say that the artist proceeds in terms of plastic modulating progressions, with ornamentation. He sees no break between music and painting: he chooses “ingredients” of highly diverse materials, appearance and origin, blending and working them all with very free methods and imaginative creativity, even while applying a rigorous method, like a composer working in sonata form. Thus he brings new meaning and flavour to these “old things” he has recycled, exploiting their “resonances”, the stories they have to tell. Since 2017 Marchelli has been experimenting with ceramic, a new material in his artistic career, featured in a new cycle of works.

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