Check out the HUBBY+ WIFE pure genius duo of the iconic illustrator + printmakers,

Martin and Alice Provensen  

Martin and Alice Provensen worked as a team, so much so that no one ever seemed to know which artist had created which piece of art, it was as though they worked with a singular mind. Even before they met, they had had remarkably similar early life experiences.Both of them were born in Chicago, Illinois, and their families moved to California when they were twelve years of age. In California, they graduated from high school and college. Martin worked for the Disney Studio, in the Story Department, from 1937 to 1941. Alice worked with the artists who drew for the Walter Lantz Studio, the creators of Woody Woodpecker. Both studios were in Hollywood. They didn’t meet until 1943, when Martin, who was now in the Navy, was assigned to the Walter Lantz Studio to help create instructional films for the military. Alice and Martin married in 1944 and moved to Washington, D.C., where both were employed in war-related jobs. When peace was declared,
the couple moved to New York City, where friend and artist Gustaf Tenggren helped them get their first picture book illustration assignment. That first book was The Fireside Book of Folk Songs. Martin was also responsible for creating the original early version of Tony The Tiger for Kelloggs, 
Soon after, they bought a farm in upstate New York in a town called “Staatsburg” , and their book A Year at Maple Hill Farm, has become a classic. Sadly , Martin Provensen died of a heart attack in 1987, at age 70. With one half of her picture book team gone, Alice didn’t know if she would create any more children’s books. “You see,” she says, “we were a true collaboration. Martin and I really were one artist.” Today, Alice (b.1917) is 94, is well known for traveling the world, collecting material for illustrations, filling sketchbooks everywhere she went. she still works on publishing projects on a weekly basis and attends regular meetings of the studio group.  

MP + AP in the studio.


Martin's original TONY the TIGER.  
It's been ruined by Kellogg's since. But, it was a sweet design once apon a time.

Thanks for all the amazing works M.P + A.P.