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 b. 1969


Johanna Goodman is an artist and illustrator living and working in Nyack, New York. She went to Boston University School for the Arts and then to Parsons School of Design in New York, where she earned her BFA in Illustration in 1992. Her work has been exhibited widely and her illustration work has appeared just about everywhere -- she has painted portraits of world leaders for the cover of Time, rock stars for Rolling Stone, CEOs for the Wall Street Journal, and everyone in between. Her work has been recognized by numerous design organizations including American Illustration, Communication Arts and The Society of Publication Design.




E. L. : Typical work day?

J. G. : it's 9:00. the kids are at school. i have 6 hours. goody. quick. do some drawing. oops, spill ink over desk, aw man it got into the keyboard. paper towels. scan the drawings in pieces because they're too big for scanner, tile back together in photoshop. make tea. relax. reflect on drawings. decide i don't like the ink drawings. start again. this time faster, looser. yes! no. i need a fresh eye. change projects. furiously cut -up magazines, mess of paper clippings on floor. oh i love this. where's that really, really great image i just cut-out? check all over table top, check mess on floor. give-up. use something else (you can't use the one you initially thought was really great anyway, that one is always too insipid). repeat process for the remainder of the 6 hours. 

E. L. : What are you currently working on now?

J. G. : i have a collage show coming-up in a few weeks so i keep making one more... no, one more! i'm also doing some hand-lettering for a poster project and some portrait commissions. always portraits.


E. L. : Favorite place you ever traveled to

J. G. : the beach. any beach.

E. L. : Your favorite cartoon character?

J. G. : can a long-necked portrait of jacqueline roque be considered a cartoon character?

E. L. : Where would you like to visit that you haven’t yet?

J. G. : someplace mediterranean. warm. bright blue and orange and white and some crumbling stone.

E. L. : Some favorite artists past + present?

J. G. : 
louise nevelson
david stone martin
romare bearden
alice neel
cindy sherman

E. L. :Favorite project you ever did?

J. G. : the one that paid the most. oh, do you mean creatively? a few covers for time magazine were a fun rush.

E. L. : Favorite Movie or book?

J. G. : lolita for both.

E. L. : How do you stay inspired?

J. G. : who has time for inspiration? i am oh so lucky to get to make art for a living so i don't fuck around waiting for inspiration. i just work. i love every minute of it.

E. L. : Dream project for the future?

J. G. : usps stamps. broadway posters. something on the side of a bus would be nice. and i liked those airplanes that calder did. yeah, that.

E. L. : If you weren’t an artist, what would you like to be?

J. G. : d'uh....

E. L. : Something you do in your spare time?

J. G. : hang-out with a very nice guy and a couple of very nice kids.

E. L. : What do you listen to when you work?

J. G. : this is the modern world with trouble on wfmu

E. L. : Best advice you can give a young artist looking to get started in the field?

J. G. :  oh honey, just keep doing what you love to do. and do not accept defeat.



Beautiful work Johanna !
A visit with Brooklyn, NY based artist,
Melinda Beck 
illustrator + animator+ graphic designer

Melinda Beck is an illustrator, animator and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989. Her clients include Chronicle Books, GQ, Nickelodeon, Martha Stewart Living, MTV, Nike, Neiman Marcus, The New York Times, Target, and Time Magazine. She  has received two Emmy nominations as well as awards from and publication in annuals including American Illustration, The Art Directors Club, Society of Publication Designers, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, The Society of Illustrators, The Broadcast Design Awards and The AIGA. In addition her work has been exhibited in various shows including a new acquisitions show at the Library of Congress.


 Beautiful work Melinda!