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James Shannon (aka Jimmie James) works as a poet, painter, actor and singer/songwriter. This renaissanced, outsider artist has been a fixture in New York City's art/theater/music scene, showing at a number of galleries (Boltax Gallery, Thomas Werner Gallery, Andrea Schwartz Gallery), performing in works by theatrical luminaries, Richard Maxwell, Danny Hoch, Susan Lori Parks, as well as composing for theater and film ( Seth Zvi Rosenfelds' Everythings Turning Into Beautiful, Amos Poes' Empire II) Whether painting/performing or composing, Jimmie James work is accessible yet refuses containment. He is doggedly transdisciplinary; part shaman, part poet, part craftsman. James combines paint, fiber, word and image into tapestrial works on canvas and paper. His paintings have been acquired by a number of private collectors. James Shannon's works respond in equal parts to life on New York City streets as well as to the journey of the human heart. 

-Ann Carlson, choreographer


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