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Berlin, Germany

 Danny Gretschers work is lightning in a bottle. 



Danny Gretscher
Born in Jena, Germany, Danny has lived and worked in Berlin since 2004. He studied a Diploma in Graphic Design at the College of Stuttgart in 1999 but a year after starting turning toward fine art. As an autodidact, Danny works across painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, with subtle balances in style also found in his street art. His works explore the concept of balancing abstract and concrete, conceptual and figurative.


Check out the powerful paintings of aussie artist,


The naivety, energy and fearless experimentation of color in his works are so unexpected and fresh, nothing short of genius.
- E. L.


In the wake of two severe injuries, Nick Osmond began painting two years ago in his weatherboard cottage by the Broadwater Creek, on the outskirts of Moree in north-west NSW.   Describing himself as a gardener who paints, Nicks home is now overgrown with plant life and portraiture. In the studio, he regularly enjoys the company of his twelve-year-old daughter Sophie. I love to paint PEOPLE! Either as portraits or in a loose narrative style. My painting style is semi-abstract, moving sometimes to realism. Often influenced by Sidney Nolan and Adam Cullen, I’m often also inspired by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Goya. Painting in a loose na├»ve style works well given the in-distinctive way I paint. I require a very firm image, visualization or photographic record to commence an artwork, yet believe most of the final image comes from the following artistic process and development.

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Cheers, Nick*** 
You are a natural. Never stop painting.

- RR

A Modernist Master, for Kids

Children's Book Illustrator 
b. 1931  


Ed Emberley has mastered the art of instructing young people how to draw it. Emberley, the 83-year-old Caldecott Medal-winning writer and illustrator, has authored over 80 playfully illustrated children’s books over the span of his prolific career. Ed was born in Malden, Massachusetts. He studied art at the Massachusetts School of Art in Boston (now the Massachusetts College of Art and Design), from which he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and illustration. He also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. His work has reached schools, libraries, bookstores, and homes because Ed Emberley belives he can turn anyone into an “artist.” Although most people are aware of the fact that Barbara Emberley, Ed's wife, has frequently joined forces with Ed on book projects, few are aware of the part his children, Michael and Rebecca, have played. They, too, have worked on Ed's books, helping book projects move from the beginning idea to completion. The Emberley family is very much a part of the children's book world. Ed lives in a 1690 saltbox house in Ipswich, Massachusetts.