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Paderborn, Germany

THORSTEN HASENKAMM is an artist + cyclist living in Paderborn, Germany. His work has a blend of mid-century pop, Japanese culture, Tiki, Cars, Sassy Ladies, dudes and bikes, bikes, bikes.  

Youjust saw the wicked cool works of THORSTEN HASENKAMM ***

Soak up the high energy of these on-location drawings. This post is a "master class" in direct observation. It doesn't get much better than this.

[F O R  D A V E ,]

These drawings must be out of the school of "Passalacqua" former students from either Pratt or Parsons.  This post is a tribute to Dave Jr. and Dave Sr. Passalacqua and the artists they inspired throughout the decades. I had the fortunate opportunity to study with Dave Jr. during my time at Parsons in the early 80's.


I believe they were both artistic forces of nature and true masters of line. I never saw anyone attack a drawing like Dave. His direct observation and construction of form was extraordinary. 

He used to say things like, 
"Distortion is realism", " Stop tickling the paper and study the form", "Draw through of the figure showing all four sides" These are things I have never forgotten some 35 years later. Thank you Dave, it was a privilege*

Included on this post are some amazing drawings by  

greg betza
eddie Pena 
despina georgiadis 
dominick santise 
margaret hurst 
michele bedigian 
veronica lawlor 

* Many works are unsigned, so apologies for the missing credit tags.

visit their shared sites for more information on each artist. 


This drawing above was created on-location in Greece 63' by another amazing teacher of mine @ RISD, Tom Sgouros.  Also a friend and cohort of Dave's back in the day, equalled in talent - "KINDRED SPIRITS" 

Drawing is by Dave Passalacqua jr., circa 80's for the Olympic Games.   

*enlarged from an above piece.

[ This post is also for my friend Mark Moscarillo, an amazing artist and fine draughtsman himself ] 

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Now go get out your sketch book and draw.