The New Bohemian School, part 2 


Born in London, England, 1969

Lives and works in New York NY

Cecily's #juicy paintings are super expressive & explosive. Her work invites us into a wild dream-like world of mysterious energy. At times Brown's figures have an interesting Pollock or Joan Mitchell rhythm flowing through the canvas.
  - E. L.


Painter Cecily Brown works at the intersection of figuration and abstraction: She fills her monumental canvases with intimations of body parts and virtuosic, gestural brushstrokes that resolve more or less clearly into art history–inspired scenes. Brown draws on a range of compositional tenets including the formal planes of Neoclassicism, the vigor of Abstract Expressionists such as Willem de Kooning, and the haunting, fractured forms of Francis Bacon. Her paintings become intense, kaleidoscopic evocations of atmosphere and bodily experience. The artist studied at the Slade School of Art. She rose to prominence at the same time as the provocative Young British Artists, yet she kept her paintings decidedly separate from the movement. Brown’s powerful formalism won her fans around the world, and she has shown in cities including New York, London, Hong Kong, and Berlin. Her work belongs in the collections of the British Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, among others. Brown also maintains a celebrated drawing practice. Among the most expensive living female artists, her work has sold for seven figures on the secondary market.

You just saw the SWEET paintings of Cecily Brown 

The New Bohemian School, part 1 

Danny Fox

Danny's work overts our subconscious into a dreamlike fragmented world - consisiting of bizarre tropical Bohemia, idealistic portraiture, coupled with Tahitian'esk woman. All manifesed within a naive matisse'ian quasi flair, with a dash of Gauguin. He doesn't shy us away from the harsh rawness of society, while somehow evoking the beauty within each.
- e.L.


Danny Fox was born in St Ives Cornwall a coastal county in South West England in 1986. Fox’s rhythmic canvases vividly display unlikely heroes of the 21st century. His subjects never shy from tragedy promise heat violence and sex. Entangled amongst all these elements is a lyrical yet fragmented vision. His works incorporate local buildings bars inhabitants and folklore conjuring wild and wonderful scene’s of coastal Britain in a lucid story telling fashion. The conscious influence and in depth knowledge of St Ives life is ever present. As a Self-taught artist, Fox’s first experience of art came from Wallis’ sprawling naïve depictions of local fishing boats skulking into the harbor. The depiction of Fox’s characters is influenced by a variety of sources ranging from vintage Scotch Whiskey advertisements to Post-Impressionist painting to British East India Company portraiture.Danny’s work is multi-layered and fascinating in myriad ways. It charts a coming of age and a reckoning with the various mythologies – of the past of family of masculinity and of the self – that concern the artist himself. It is an investigation into those myths and a deconstruction of them in order to find a new way forward and a purpose that has meaning. Interweaving animals and humans portraits and street scenes formality and dissonance he delves into the complex experience of physical life and the journeys we send ourselves on. He completed the Porthmeor Artist Resicendy Programme in St. Ives UK (2017). The exhibition gallery of Sotheby’s Sotheby’s SI2 dedicated two solo exhibitions to Danny Fox in New York and Los Angeles (2016). Fox has exhibits internationally: Saatchi Gallery in London UK Bill Brady Gallery Miami FL V1 Gallery Copenhagen Denmark Choi & Lager Gallery Köln Germany Deitch Los Angeles CA.

You just saw the #RAW-TASTIC works of Danny Fox
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Special Thanks to Danny Fox & zidoun-bossuyt