Check out the beautiful city paintings of artist, 



Her painterly shapes and sense of lost and found are masterful.  



Both the natural world and architectural grit have a place in Lisa Breslow's work, highlighting the pull of New York City that is created by these opposing forces side-by-side.  She seeks out places of quiet and calm within the busy urban landscape and distills them down to their essence, creating atmospheric compositions activated by mood, energy, and light rather than a literal portrayal. By incorporating natural elements and capturing the specificity of light affected by the weather or seasons, she turns otherwise bustling scenes into meditative moments. The softness of her loose brushstrokes is grounded by the evident marks of her draftsmanship, while bursts of color lead the eye around the plane and delineate form. The harmony of these seemingly oppositional elements results in a centering balance even as her paintings inch ever closer towards abstraction.

You just saw the #SWEET urban paintings of Lisa Breslow.