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Betsy Walton is a native Kansan who now calls Portland, Oregon home. Betsy crafts layered images with inventive color palettes and lush juxtapositions of geometric and organic forms. She is fascinated by the use of symbolism as a means of deepening the experience of contemporary life, with all of its joys, fears, and mysteries. Many of my paintings and drawings explore the tension and balance between the mysterious nature of our existence and the objects and environments we find in everyday life. We can experience the sublime in the same room where we fold the laundry, and perhaps at the same time.   My style is informed by a range of influences including Byzantine icon paintings, American folk art, geometric abstraction, and the work of many contemporary illustrators and painters.   I work with a spontaneous approach and few expectations of specific results. I rarely sketch preliminary drawings before diving into a painting, in the belief that the image formed through the painting process itself will be rich, revealing, and vital.  My illustrations for clients of all shapes and sizes appear on products, in print, and online. For more information about these projects, see Work for Hire in the Projects section of this website.  Her work has been exhibited across the United States and internationally and has been featured in several publications including Ruby: Otherworldliness published by Gestalten, Over and Over by Mike Perry, and The Exquisite Book, edited by Julia Rothman and published by Chronicle Books. In addition to her fine art practice, Betsy has created surface designs and illustrations for Target, Urban Outfitters, Keds and Chronicle Books. When not in the studio, Betsy might be found putting miles on her sneakers or snacking on a papaya with a squeeze of lime juice.