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b 1965,  New York



Robert Roth is from the seaside village of Cold Spring Harbor, New York. He attended Parson's School of Design at age 15 and later went on to graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. He studied under American painter, Thomas Sgouros. Roth approaches his work by inventing from nature, "I like to be spontaneous, by abstracting the forms I try to create a sense of mood and atmosphere.” He combines a variety of textures and shapes blended with quick brush strokes to achieve a sense of lost and found. Throughout his travels, he is always recording from life. Roth can never pass up visiting a local vintage shop and adding a piece to his modern collection. Being a jazz enthusiast, you can find him in his studio listening to the sounds of Miles Davis and Dizzy (rather loudly). 

Roth is also particularly inspired by the likes of Diebenkorn, Rothko, Rauschenberg, Vuillard, Whistler, and Picasso. His paintings are held in public and private collections including, The Ritz Carlton, The New York Times Building, American Express, The New Yorker, Columbia University and Northeastern University. Robert has received numerous honors including 2 Medals from The Hecksher Museum in New York. He has exhibited his work in New York City, East Hampton, Santa Fe and Martha's Vineyard. Robert resides in an 1850’s farm house in Northeast Ohio with his wife, Cheryl Roth (RISD alumni), and their 2 daughters. 


"I am constantly inspired by some of my favorite artists : Maria Carluccio, Randall Slaughter, Michael Robertson and Susy Pilgrim Waters. I am wicked fortunate to know them. They keep me on my toes" - r

"My studio is always a mess, I clean it up and it goes right back to chaos rather quickly."-r

"We usually play ping-pong outside the studio. Rainy days we roll it into part of the barn. My Dad was Doubles Champ / US ARMY 1946 So, I have been playing since I was 6! I play with my girls whenever they want to take on the old man. HA*" -r

[ Photograph of Little Bay, St Maarten ] 

"As a kid growing up, we would spend months living in Caribbean islands each year, mostly the island of St. Maarten. Which has influenced my color and vision for big sky + low horizon compositions". -r

Detail of above piece. A mix of brush and thick knife work.

Painting in progress

This piece was included in the (AGFAS exhibition) at The Cleveland Museum of Art. - Collection of Mr. Craig Perkins, Brooklyn, NY 


at Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio 


Above painting, 
Thomas Sgouros 

"Tom was my professor at RISD for 4 years. He was a genius in color and composition and a relentless critic. I have to give him huge props for all his guidance. His stillife watercolors were probably the best paintings I have ever seen. He would make Andrew Wyeth so jealous. I painted exclusively in watercolor for 25 years before I picked up acrylics four years ago. I wanted to go larger with my work and it's hard to do a 6 foot watercolor. Since acrylics are water based, I use them almost the same way and break every rule I can in the process. I don't worry about the media, it's just paint and color to me. It's really all the same you know, just how you use it is what matters". - r

Roth's studio is a converted Barn.

"Some of my Heroes on the wall. Calder, Pollack, Ben Shahn, Raushenberg, Rothko, Motherwell, Afro, Picasso, Basquiat and the list goes on and on." -r


"This is my hometown of Cold Spring Harbor, NY (Long Island) most of my images come from this place in my mind."   


in the studio


Several of his Collages were recently included within The American Collage Exhibition at Gerald Peters Gallery in NYC this past year alongside his heroes, Richard Diebenkorn, Romare Bearden, Edward Hopper, and Joseph Cornell.