Martin Haake 
b. 1964 Oldenburg, Germany



Martin is currently living as an illustrator in Berlin. Man is the central element of Martin Haake’s collages. The human being shapes and forms the narrative and the relationships within it. Haake studied in Berlin and works as a freelance illustrator in London, Hamburg, and Berlin. His works have been showcased within various European exhibitions.After a phase in which he mainly produced drawings and paintings, he soon devoted his talent entirely to classic hand-made collage. His method of work is distinguished by his intuitive approach. Either he starts with a basic idea which then inspires he search for applicable graphic material, or he utilises a material, which lends itself to the birth of a concept. Haake’s repertoires often play on funny fragments of pop-culture, technology, or everyday life.

His figures are trimmed, masked, and displaced within a recently abstracted background. Critical still are his proportional contrasts and improbabilities, for example a gaping red mouth depicted floating next to a proportionally smaller head. Haake’s method never fails to entice references to a generation of insecurity, nudging the imaginations of his audience into an artistic parallel universe.

Haake’s narrative element is also a crucial component to his work. Independent of narrative, however, the work’s cartoon animated figures lend themselves to a sequential impression. The collage technique is archetypal Haake as well as his famous role models, such as the Dadasists. Through the correlation of elements ascribed to pop-culture, an idiosyncratic unique mélange of humor, secrecy and subtly is comprised.


Beautiful work! 
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