Check out the wild paintings of this talented Cleveland Artist,

photo credit: Rose Marincil 

photo credit: Rose Marincil 

Dana Oldfather was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978.  
She is a self taught oil painter who has been in exhibitions in galleries and museums across the country, including POV Evolving Gallery in LA, and The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown.  Oldfather is proud to have been awarded residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and Zygote Press in 2011, and the generous William and Dorothy Yeck Award for Young Painters in 2012, juried by Irene Hofmann of SITE Santa Fe. Oldfather is the newest and youngest featured artist at Ink Dish in San Diego, CA, where her work is found on contemporary dinnerware.  Oldfather is currently represented at The Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.  She has been twice featured in the New York Times, and she is included in many public and corporate collections some of which are Eaton World Headquarters, Jones Day, Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, The Bellagio Hotel & Casino, The Cleveland Clinic, and the prestigious Progressive Art Collection.  Some of her biggest art influences and favorite artists are Richard Diebenkorn, Jackie Tileston, Reed Danziger, and Kristine Moran.  Oldfather currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.

photo credit: Rose Marincil 


E. L. :  Typical work day?

D. O. :
8:00am – roll out bed and into paint clothes
8:15am – make coffee following mundane morning bathroom ritual
8:30am – sitting on radiator in studio, coffee in hand, visualizing the day’s work
8:45am – start painting
12:00pm – lunch hour with hot leftovers on the couch watching tv
1:00pm – back to painting
5:30 – end of the studio day
*pretty boring and more like a standard work day than one would imagine

E. L. : How do you stay inspired?

D. O. : Reading biographies about the abstract expressionists, other famous painters, writers, and looking at blogs of contemporary art

E. L. : What are you currently working on now?

D. O. : Getting ready for a group show at Bonfoey Gallery called Contemporaries 2013 – opening Friday, March 8, 2013.  A group show of 10 area artists – some are my pals too – Erik Neff, Brandon Juhasz, and Andy Curlowe

E. L. : Favorite place you ever traveled to

D. O. : Sadly, I haven’t done too much traveling.  I think my favorite place to visit is New York City.  I like to travel there by myself to catch the big art fairs. 

But my favorite vacation was when my now husband surprised me with a trip to Grand Cayman to propose. 

E. L. : Your favorite cartoon character?

D. O. : Marceline the Vampire Queen – Adventure Time

E. L. : Where would you like to visit that you haven’t yet?

D. O. : 
I’m dying to go to Paris and London.  I’ve never been to Europe.

I’d also like to do the California wine hop.

E. L. : Top 3 Favorite website/blogs ?

E. L. :  Some favorite artists past + present?

D. O. : 
Willem de Kooning
Richard Diebenkorn
Kristine Moran
Dana Schutz
Jackie Tileston
Reed Danziger

E. L. :  Favorite Movie or book?

D. O. : Movie – Midnight in Paris
Book – A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf

E. L. : Dream project for the future?

D. O. : I’d love a big New York gallery show.  Someday I hope to get there.

E. L. : If you weren’t an artist, what would you like to be?

D. O. : 
Independently wealthy.  I’m pretty much unemployable.

E. L. : Something you do in your spare time?

D. O. : I take ballet for fun and hot power yoga to stay fit.

E. L. : What do you listen to when you work?

D. O. : Sometimes music like Florence & the Machine, sometimes Radio Lab,  sometimes the squirrels chattering on my fence outside my studio windows.

E. L. :  Best advice you can give a young artist looking to get started in the field?

D. O. : Look at as much art as you can.  Paint or draw at least a little bit every day.

Thanks Dana, Keep up the beautiful work!