check out the beautiful paintings of,

Gary Komarin
b. 1951

(for r. s. north canton)

Born in New York City, the son of a Czech architect and Viennese writer, Gary Komarin has been called a “painter’s painter, with a deep connection to the tradition of Modern painting. He is indebted to the New York School, especially his mentor Philip Guston with whom he studied at Boston University.  Komarin prefers non-art industrial canvas tarps and drop cloths as opposed to traditional painting media and materials. He builds layered surfaces with latex house paint mixed with spackle and water. The house paint offers hybrid colors that seem slightly ‘off’ and the spackle creates a beautiful matte surface. The mergence of his drawing and painting often break the picture plane with his rich and elegantly composed color fields. Komarin's work reflects the rich history of the abstract expressionist painters as well as the early New Mexico and Berkely paintings of Richard Diebenkorn. Komarin has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.  He now lives in the wooded Connecticut hills near New York, where he keeps his house and studio.