Halloween Part 1
Get your hands on a copy of "GHOST"
 Written by Blaise Hemingway and Jesse Reffsin, and illustrated by Chris Sasaki, and Jeff Turley, Ghost originated as a Kickstarter project and has blossomed to life just in time for Halloween.

If you're interested in composition, lighting, linework and the combination of sweet textures, this book is a master class in illustration. Reminiscent of vintage Martin and Alice Provensen (such as the iliad )and other top shelf illustrators from the mid 60's & 70's ***FAST forward to modern day, this is a killer mashup of fine drawing and high octane photoshop #SKILLZ.  Not to mention, they have some serious #PIXAR studio culture pedigree.   

Some pieces sprinkled in this post are from a new book they are working on titled CAMP, so, ok - they not from GHOST - But, I felt like including them anyway because they are so dang good.  More to follow on that book when it surfaces*****