check out the colorful-VIBES of this ohio based artist,


Photo by Tammy Jeffrey

Randall lives a simple life in North Canton, Ohio where he has lived for the first 48 years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Akron. His work is predominantly inspired by the energy found in the artwork of the abstract expressionist painters such as Motherwell,  Joan Mitchell and DeKooning. The color, layering of images, and spontaneous mark-making are the source of this energy. "I am naturally drawn to color, texture and letters/type and am passionate about combining these in an effort to uniquely express how I see this visually rich world around me. These areas have been and continue to be my primary focus in making art and are expressed in my body of work." Randall is drawn to collage, always blending his works together with the use of mixed media, found objects, and photography. Randall's works have been shown throughout the Midwest, including SPACES in Cleveland. He has garnered several awards for his works and is held in private collections. Randall currently lives in North Canton. Someday, he plans to travel the world with his wife and best friend, Julie. 

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