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Nick Dahlen
Minneapolis, MN

{special thanks to Randall for finding him*}


Nick Dahlen is a painter, illustrator and designer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Graduating with an Associates degree in graphic design from the Art Institutes  Intl. in 2010, Nick has since designed for both local businesses and music  makers alike. He’s been commissioned by, has collaborated with other  artists in painting murals around the Twin Cities, and has been making and  showing his own work since his graduation. His influences range from whimsical children’s book illustrations, to Matisse, all the way to the effortless motion  of a graffiti tag. Nick is fascinated by the simplicity of how one brush stroke  can tell a story and is devoted to pairing shapes and ideas that could write a  visual novel. His aim is to inspire the viewer into seeing life in a more  creative, fun and bizarre way. His work invites you to step into a world devoid  of boundary, revolving around the silly, unique and complex nature of the human  condition that proves Nick’s work to be both fanciful and full of depth. Through  the use of vibrant colors and ideas his aesthetic evokes a dynamic that is  fresh, urban and thought provoking.

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