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 Harold Hollingsworth
Seattle, wa

Harold Hollingsworth

H.H. is an artist living and working in the Seattle Washington area. He is a graduate of Western Washington University, Bellingham WA

"I've gotten to a place lately with the work that feels both attuned and loose. Not that those paths need to be divergent, but within my work for the last few years it's been difficult for me to get them to dance with one another.
I've been focusing on being loose with some sketchbook activities to start each day here in the studio, and as simple as that has been, like stretching before exercising, I'd forgotten to do that in the last few years as well. The net result is that I'm trusting my hand, and arms more.
I found that with as much as I will analyze and plot, that the simple act of knowledge bound in movement can give you a satisfying result had been that reach that I could not seem to make."

*special thanks to Randall Slaughter for his kick'in research. 


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