grab your brush + roll out your canvas, check out these bold wandering abstracts.  
(for r. s. north canton)
Robert Kingston 
b. 1955, Sumatra, Indonesia


Kingston received his BFA from California State University and MFA from the Claremont Graduate School,  currently resides in Altadena, CA. His abstract paintings play on the border of representation tempting the viewer to interpret the images. Kingston tries to make the paintings atmospheric as if inside a cloud. Incidental marks, erasures, symbols, ghosts and stains float by in a subconscious stream. Evocative shapes hint at meanings or memories but never fully reveal themselves. A dreamlike quality of slippery and open-ended implication where the viewer must find his or her own equilibrium is what the artist is after. Though jazz of the 50’s and 60’s is still in Kingston’s studio playlist, it has given way in to the more introspective and calming music of the Shakuhatchi and the more plaintive sounds of Portuguese Fado and the Turkish and Persion oud.  -   R. K. , Artist statement



I've rented the former Alfie's Appliance on the corner of Lake Avenue and Altadena Drive in Altadena, California as my new studio/project space. -  R. K. 



LOVE them!