check out the beautiful clean modern lines of this Aussie dynamic duo, 


Inaluxe is run by Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd, located in a small country town in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia. Their philosophy when it comes to design is simple - Make it beautiful. Kristina started inaluxe in 2006. It was part time in nature, having to find balance between day jobs, and art. The focus was very much about having fun and exploration, just like it remains today. While the backbone of inaluxe remains the same,  2010 saw a move to full time with Jason Odd joining the label. These days as well as keeping busy with inaluxe, they both freelance, and work on independent design and writing. It keeps things fresh, and we love the mix of it all. As well as creating, they enjoy taking our dog Kibi for bush walks, exploring the forests, and getting to know all the amazing wildlife we are now neighbours with.  Both avid collectors when it comes to vintage objects, furniture, books, and music.  They are both keen gardeners, and love landscape design, and renovating.



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