afro basaldella

Afro Basaldella
Italian 1912-1976

Italian abstractionist, known simply as Afro. Was born in the town of Udine not far from Venice. His first exhibition was held in Milan when he was only twenty.

In 1937 in Paris, Basaldella got acquainted with cubism, which was his first step to non-figurative art. Afro abandoned figurative art with lines and shapes getting less definite and dabs more vague. Developed a near-abstract style in under the influence of Klee and late Cubism.

Although Afro is obscure to most, even omitted from many art history books, his work stands up to his abstract contemporaries. His art was collected by museums all over the world - but, rarely on display. Come on, even The Cleveland museum of art has an "Afro"- tucked away in it's archives- break it out !
thanks to M.R. for showing us his work.
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From 1950 on he made frequent visits to the United States, developing a looser, more improvisatory abstract style partly under the influence of Gorky, Braque, Kline and de Kooning. He also began teaching painting at Mills College in Oakland, Ca.

a photo shoot from LIFE mag c. late 50's

In the collection of, The Cleveland Museum of Art

in his studio

Afro during an interview c. 1970's. check out that beauty behind him.

In 1958, together with Picasso, Arp, Calder, and Miro, he was invited to paint murals in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. By the mid 60's he designed numerous stage sets and costumes for the ballet and the opera. His late works, from c.1970, had become more precise, utilizing flat geometric shapes. Afro passed away in Zurich in 1976.

yes, he could draw.

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Looks like a R. Slaughter and M. Gold collaboration from some mid-century ZINES workshop.

straordinario lavoro Afro, รจ da l'uomo.