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The naivety, energy and fearless experimentation of color in his works are so unexpected and fresh, nothing short of genius.
- E. L.


In the wake of two severe injuries, Nick Osmond began painting two years ago in his weatherboard cottage by the Broadwater Creek, on the outskirts of Moree in north-west NSW.   Describing himself as a gardener who paints, Nicks home is now overgrown with plant life and portraiture. In the studio, he regularly enjoys the company of his twelve-year-old daughter Sophie. I love to paint PEOPLE! Either as portraits or in a loose narrative style. My painting style is semi-abstract, moving sometimes to realism. Often influenced by Sidney Nolan and Adam Cullen, I’m often also inspired by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Goya. Painting in a loose na├»ve style works well given the in-distinctive way I paint. I require a very firm image, visualization or photographic record to commence an artwork, yet believe most of the final image comes from the following artistic process and development.

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Cheers, Nick*** 
You are a natural. Never stop painting.

- RR