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Nate Williams 


Nate is an illustrator with a love for hand lettering. He thinks the keys to creativity are curiosity, inspiration, play and discovery. Nate has worked with the charity organization Art With Heart which unites volunteers from the arts to serve children in crisis by empowering them through self-expression and creativity. He has also contributed work to The Truth Anti-Tobacco campaign which works to discourage kids from smoking. His clients have included Coca Cola, Urban Outfitters, Converse Shoes, Cartoon Network to mention a few. He has also collected numerous honors from The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration and the Type Directors Club.

  How do you stay inspired?   

 It's pretty easy .. I am a pretty curious person so I love information in general, love to hear stories, learning how things work, biographies, technology, nature, etc so I just follow my curiosity and it always leads me to something inspiring 

Typical work day?

Wake up get the kids ready for school .. then share a coffee with my wife at a local cafe ... I usually like to do all my brainstorming in the morning so if I need to think of ideas for a project .. it's usually in the morning. I like to exercise in the middle of the day and then I eat with my wife and finish up some work ... go pick my son Milo from work and then hang out with the kids for awhile ... go to the park, skateboard, go on a bike ride, etc .. at night time I usually send some emails and then hang out with the family, watch a movie, create a project, etc

What are you currently working on now?

I have been working on my own kids book and creating more naive-ish work ( .. as far as paying jobs .. lots of hand lettering, editorial, and a little bit of advertising work

Favorite place you ever traveled to ? 

probably Argentina and Costa Rica .. but I love being in new environments .. even if its just a new restaurant or neighborhood 

Where would you like to visit that you haven’t yet? 

Northern Brasil, Turkey, Islands in the Caribbean

Top 3 Favorite website + blog/s

    FAVORITE movie of all time  ?

    The Usual Suspects


    way too many to list .. but see to see a few hundred I like


    Favorite project you ever did?

    I think just doing personal work

    Dream assignment + project for the future?

    I would like to invent things ... products, simple solutions to common day problems, web tools, community programs where kids could nurture their creativity and artistic skills

    If you weren’t an artist, what would you like to be?

    an inventor


    invent things, learn about things, walk around the city and listen to podcasts, watch crime shows, eat lots of sushi, play with my dogs and kids, give lots of love to my wife


    lots of jazz, chet baker lately

    Best advice to an artist either still in school or just out, looking to get started?

    Focus on stuff you like to do and one day someone will pay you to do it

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    Nate, thanks for all the inspiration and amazing insight. 
    We LOVE N8W!   e-L.

    Nate Williams 
    Illustration and Hand Lettering
    twitter: @n8w