Javier Mariscal

ure, exhibition and interior design as well as in the graphic arts.

Javier Mariscal

Barcelona Spain

When it comes to Mariscal, there is way to much to show you on this blog. I stuck to mainly his drawings and such. When you have time, surf through his site. He not only draws these wonderful characters, but designs furniture and develops serious interior design projects for museums etc...
  He is out of control, en el buen sentido!   


Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia, Spain in 1950. In Valencia, at the age of 19, Mariscal started publishing the cartoons that featured his first character, El SeƱor del Caballito. In 1971 he moved to Barcelona to study at the Escuela Elisava. It was there that he founded El Rrollo Enmascarado, an underground comic strip that was sold on the streets. The Mediterranean culture of both cities is revealed in his work: he has inherited the hedonism, optimism and symbolism that characterized his designs from it, as well as the vibrant range of colors and his poetic approach. His work spans a wide range of mediums, ranging from painting + furniture + sculpture and interior design. 

eye-likey: recommended book  MARISCAL DRAWING LIFE. it’s amazing!

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Estudio Mariscal 

The creation of Estudio Mariscal in 1989, made up of a team of specialists who closely collaborate with him, allows him to deal with integral projects. Mariscal has international projection and great media repercussion due to the fact that he knows how to communicate directly with the general public, as does his work. His great specialty is drawing, therefore his attitude when faced with any commission is an artistic one, using a universal, timeless language which adds value, uniqueness and emotion to his projects. His boldness parallels the great challenges he has taken on, from the mascot for the Barcelona Olympic Games to the overall design of an extremely luxurious hotel or the creation and direction of the film Chico & Rita.

el amor de su trabajo. Es un genio!  disfrutar !